How to Care for the Lawn in winter

Lawn in Winter

Lawns may prove pretty difficult to care and maintain under different climatic conditions. During winter, some parts of the country experience retarded growth of lawn grass. In the south for instance, during the cold season, over-seeding of the ryegrass into the turf is done in order to maintain a green lawn. The cold in the north gets too much for grass growth until springtime. However, lawn care does not end in the winter.

Below are helpful suggestions to ensure your lawn is healthy irrespective of the season.

Fertilize your lawn with a spreader.

Be careful as to how you apply fertilizer on your lawn. A large quantity applied can burn your grass. While operating the machine on the lawn, hold on the handle like a trigger. Doing this releases pellets as you “shoot.” Most importantly, read carefully and be guided by the instructions provided on the fertilizer pack.

The lawn should be aerated.

Providing artificial air on your lawn can go a long way in helping the grasses on your lawn grow better. Grassroots require extra air. With a spade, you can take out unwanted soils around your lawn. Doing this helps to create more holes for the planting of seeds. A large lawn requires an aerator either one operated manually or mechanically.

Spread cool-weather grass seed.

There are some grass seeds that has on their package “cool season” or “cool weather”, e.g. fescues. Such grass seeds should spread over the lawn. The seed can be sprinkled with a fertilizer spreader. Also, the seeds should be spread evenly so it won’t cause grasses clustering as time goes by.

The lawn should be raked and watered.

Regularly keep your lawn raked. This would help get rid of soil clumps. And it would spread those soils over the seeds as a covering. After raking your lawn. You would have to water it. A garden hose spray is recommended for use in watering your lawn. Always keep the soil moist. Avoid getting your lawn all dried out during winter.

More tricks to keep your lawn clean in winter.

Avoid having objects fall off leaves and debris on the lawn. It is important to keep your lawn completely clean and free of unwanted objects. Unwanted objects can deaden the lawn grasses, attract insects, rodents, harmful pests and facilitate disease conditions. During your last mowing exercises on the lawn for winter, you would have to reduce the height of the mower either by a notch or two. Unusual long grasses deaden themselves, cause disease and are at the risk of being damaged by conditions such as thawing and freezing. However, avoid cutting the grass so short. This can make the plant’s crown open to unfavourable conditions.

Taking control measures, it is important to monitor climatic conditions. Although turf can prove to be very resilient allowing extreme winter, there are peculiar weather conditions that can cause long-term damage. It can serve very good purposes to have a little-exposed ice kept in a low spot upon the prediction of a winter storm or a deep freeze. Finally, as a hard and fast rule, keep close monitoring of the weather.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is a great asset to your property. Not only does it improve the aesthetic value, but it also boosts property value significantly. For businesses and commercial properties, healthy lawns are an indication of attention to minute details, and they make a first good impression to your customers. Here are some of the activities that promote a healthy looking lawn all year round.


The type of soil, the climate of your region and many other factors, determine the fertilizer to use. Inconsistent soil moisture, environmental conditions, and diseases threaten the well-being of your lawn.  Lawn fertilization is needed for extra help to supplement the soil where it is lacking. They are either organic, chemical or mixed (organic and chemical) fertilizers. For a healthy lawn, the soil needs the nutrients present in the fertilizers to thrive. Some benefits of lawn fertilization include;

  • Lush green color all year long.
  • Thick tuft of grass
  • Fast and healthy growth
  • Strong resistance to harsh conditions
  • Cool atmosphere
  • Rapid recovery from pests and diseases

Weed Control

Weeds are not only unsightly in your lawn, but also detrimental to the health of your lawn. Weed control works to ensure that your grass out-competes the weeds in water, nutrients and all other resources. Some weeds, like perennial and annual, are harder to control than others; They might require repeat strategies, so it is important to know what type you are dealing with to choose an efficient method.


Aeration has several benefits associated with it such as;

  • Improving the overall health of your grass due to easier absorption of air, water, and nutrients by the roots.
  • Reduces build-up of thatch which robs your lawn of essential
  • Relieves compaction of soil hence easy reach of nutrients and air to the root system.
  • Reduces water run off hence better absorption of water.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Invest in your lawn with these services and more. It is a reflection of you so be sure it screams healthy and beautiful.

Landscaping Options to Increase Property Value

Landscaping creates a significant appeal for your home and enhances your property greatly. Its aesthetic value gives a new look and feel to your house or business. It also increases your property value if you are thinking of selling. Whether you are adding shrubs, a green lawn, lighting features, a patio, walkways, etc. There is extensive experience and expertise in the industry to give you the exact look you are aiming for. We highly recommend Tree Services Annapolis (

lawn care

Lawn and bed maintenance

To remain thick, lush and green, all year long, your lawn needs to be cared for regularly. This enables you to maintain a beautiful exterior all day, every day. Here are some examples of the services provided by various tree services that allow this;

  • All season cleaning. Raking, pruning and clearing any dead leaves and debris lying around to ensure your lawn is spotlessly clean and healthy.
  • To give your lawn a tidy and neat finish.
  • Lawn care. Depending on the type of soil in your area, your lawn will receive regular treatments, aeration and fertilizers to promote and maintain healthy growth.


Whatever space is available for your property, there are both hardscape and softscape options for you. Softscape options include garden beds, flower beds, shrubs, plants, and trees. Hardscape landscaping incorporates walls, stone patios, stone walkways, stone slabs, stepping stones, staircases, reinforced tuffs, permeable turf, staircases, etc.

Outdoor lighting

These outdoor lighting services range from repair, installation and fixing your lighting if broken.  It may involve;

  • Installing and realigning lighting features.
  • Repairing wires
  • Re-adjusting the lights away from vegetation and trees

Pest, weed, and fertilization

Some companies use chemicals, organic materials and others, a mix of both. The purpose is to reduce weeds, promote micro-organisms in the soil, increase nutrients and reduce erosion.

Irrigation services

An efficient irrigation system will strive to;

  • Conserve the amount of water used
  • Limit the water run-off
  • Proper drainage of water
  • Tailored to the individual needs of your lawn
  • Long lasting results

There are a variety of options to choose as you receive professional guidance according to your preference and your budget. Look around for companies committed to customer satisfaction, reliable landscaping services, prompt response and safety for your property and lawn. It has never been easier to get a vibrant and breathtaking view of your property and lawn.