What You Should Know about Stump Grinding

tree stump for stump grinding
Tree Stump

Here is what you should know about stump grinding services. It is an efficient way to get these unsightly stumps out of your yard without any damage to your property. Apart from the aesthetic value, stumps left lying around can pose a health risk to you and your family. Pests and diseases thrive well in tree stumps especially when they start to rot. These could ultimately find their way into your home and be a nuisance to you.

Termites, ants, beetles, cockroaches, etc., are some of the insects that take up residence in old tree stumps. Larger stumps attract squirrels, raccoons, possums or even snakes. Stumps also tend to limit your yard space which could have otherwise been put to good use. With all these negatives that come with stumps, it may be time to rid yourself of that menace.

We recommend that you seek professional help because of a variety of reasons. They include;

Safety hazard

There are dangers involved in handling the equipment especially without the right safety gear, expertise, and equipment. If not removed properly, the surrounding areas could also be at a risk of damage.

Highly certified and trained personnel

Our professionals have years of experience and knowledge regarding stump removal which enables them to get the job done competently and satisfactorily.

Time and labor saving

Digging a stump out of the ground requires a lot of effort, and it will cost you time, probably even money. Assuming you have to hire tools for the job. You can save yourself the frustration by letting us do the dirty work for you at an affordable price.

Once we are done, we leave no trace of ever being on your property. We use advanced modern equipment that is quick and mobile, with minimal intrusions to you and your neighbors. This way, you can trust us to maintain the integrity of your property.

Depth of Removal

Most stump grinding companies will grind the stump down using a machine until it is six inches or so below the surface level and then fill over with wood chips from the grinding and dirt. Then over time the remains of the roots will rot away. If you want to plant something there, this won’t work well. You will need to have the company grind much deeper or go the more expensive route of actually having the stump dug out.

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