Gutter Clogging and Damage from Trees

gutter clogging

The value of trees to your landscape, property or environment cannot be undermined. Not only do they give curb appeal to your property, but they also provide shade and oxygen. However, trees also shed leaves which can have damaging effects on some structures found on your property. The pros obviously outweigh the cons but they call for strategic positioning in your property to prevent unpleasant outcomes.

The experts at Bel Air Gutter & Siding say they have seen many instances where people haven’t spent a little money to get tree limbs trimmed away from the house. Then in a storm with the winds blowing the branches back and forth, significant damage is done to the roof, gutters, siding or all three. The repairs cost far more than the tree trimming would have.

Gutters are an essential part of your house or building but can be a nightmare if ignored. Neglected gutters form a good habitat for pests and clogged up leaves and debris. These cause obstructions to the rain flow and even ice dams during the winter season. Gutters in this state will likely cause water damage or leaking roofs. This will cost you hugely; hundreds and thousands of dollars to be precise.

Ways Clogged Gutters Can Damage a Home

Wood Damage

The gutter systems are held together by boards often made from wood. The boards will start to rot and eat away when the gutters get clogged and filled with water. If the home has wood siding, the water will overflow out of the gutter and down the sides of the house.

Foundation Damage

The primary purpose of a gutter is to channel water away from the sides of the house and the foundation. Once it is clogged, water will start to flow out from the sides and form around the foundation of the house. Over time, the foundation cracks and weakens, increasing the risk of the house collapsing. If not, mold and mildew start to form around the house.

Here are tips to prevent clogging and damage to your gutters;

How to Prevent Gutter Clogging and Damage from Trees

Strategic Planting

When planting trees, consider the type of trees and their location. This directly affects shade and the distribution of leaves on your property. It will also ensure that trees are kept away from utility lines, structures, and the roof. Also, during heavy rains and thunderstorms, the trees are susceptible to the collapse of large branches which possess a safety risk.

Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance of trees is important to ensure that your trees are healthy. However, if you have to constantly rake leaves day in and out, this can be a challenge. A professional tree service company can get the job done for you. They specialize in tree trimming, pruning, removal, etc., based on their assessment of the situation. The power company also helps with problematic trees that are interfering with utility lines. Needless to say, proper tree maintenance is necessary from time to time.

Gutter Maintenance

It is vital to clear out your gutter especially during the fall season. This is usually when deciduous trees shed their leaves. Check for debris and clean regularly to ensure that it functions as it’s supposed to, all year round.

It is best to let the job get done by a professional for a great job and safety concerns. They have the knowledge required on strategic planning of the trees; the species, the soil, the locations, etc. They have all the equipment and skills required to trim, prune, or do whatever they deem necessary to rid you of your gutter problem. A reliable company should be certified and insured.

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